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Why Use

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You may need more education about what prayer is and how it relates to our relationship with God.

  • You may require guidance on how to get an urgent prayer through to God during an emergency or crisis.

  • You may desire assistance on how to have a Godly response to bad news or a major change in life.

  • You may want to know how to ask for God's perspective on a matter.

  • You may have lost a loved one and would like helpful encouragement on how to overcome grief.

  • You may desire template prayers that can be utilized on numerous biblical topics.

If you've experienced unanswered prayer requests, lack of personal spiritual attention, or follow-up from church leaders, PrayerPal provides you direct access to compassionate, responsive prayer partners who remain actively engaged in your journey and specific needs.

Need More One-On-One Support? Let's Talk...

Pastor Dunamis Duplessis, the visionary founder behind PrayerPal. Inspired by his experience on TikTok, where he received an overwhelming 50 prayer requests daily, Pastor Dunamis embarked on a mission to make prayer accessible to everyone. PrayerPal was born out of his heartfelt desire to reach and connect with individuals seeking spiritual support, ensuring that no prayer goes unheard.

Pastor Dunamis is a celebrated Pastoral Leader, author, Bible teacher, and a prophetic voice to audiences around the world. Known for his inspiring ability to empower women in their spiritual journeys, he has shared the virtual stage with Apostle Eckhardt on the weekly Podcast audio room, “The Porch”, on Clubhouse.

With an educational background in pastoral leadership and strategic leadership development, he has helped countless individuals break through personal and professional barriers.

His journey has taken him from the fishing waters of Alaska to leadership roles in evangelism and ministry leadership expertise. A pioneer of digital ministry, Pastor Dunamis delivers dynamic 60-second sermons on TikTok, where he has gathered a quarter of a million followers in less than two years. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his beloved wife, Denisha, and his two daughters, Trinity and Denise.

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