Using PrayerPal AI is simple:

~Open the PrayerPal AI app or visit our website.

~Request a Prayer: Enter your prayer request or need for encouragement.

~Receive Support: Instantly receive a personalized prayer along with Bible verses tailored to uplift and inspire you.

~Engage and Reflect: Use the provided prayers and scriptures to deepen your spiritual practice and find solace in your faith.

With PrayerPal AI, spiritual support is always just a few clicks away.

Subscriber Benefits

  • Daily Devotional

Discover daily insights and inspiration through our Bible devotional! Join us to unlock profound reflections deeply rooted in Scripture, offering guidance and wisdom for your journey through life with faith.

  • Direct Messages

Gain direct access to Pastor Duanmis through our exclusive messaging feature, where you can seek guidance, share prayer requests, and receive personal support tailored to your spiritual needs

  • Comment Response

Pastor Dunamis is committed to prioritizing replies to subscribers' direct messages, ensuring personal connection and support within our community.

  • Personal Encouragement

Receive personalized words of encouragement directly from Pastor Dunamis, uplifting you on your faith journey and guiding you through life's challenges with wisdom and care.

  • Table Talk Tuesdays

Don't miss out on Table Talk Tuesdays, our engaging Bible study held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7pm CST, exclusively for subscribers. Join us for insightful discussions and deep dives into scripture, all from the comfort of your home.

  • Public Recognition

Receive a personalized shout-out, putting your name in the spotlight for all to see and appreciate!

  • Live Stage on TikTok

Experience the unique opportunity to be featured live on stage during our TikTok sessions, connecting with our community and sharing your faith journey, Available exclusively for subscribers with over 1k followers.

  • Access to PrayerPal AI

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With PrayerPal AI, you can receive immediate prayer assistance, personalized prayers, and uplifting Bible verses right when you need them most. Strengthen your faith and find encouragement with the power of technology and scripture combined.


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